Dirty Hair Days

  asdf,adjflkjsdlajfdslkjflksdjf   Bed Bath &amp; Beyond <span>Kids Bath &amp; Body</span> Pink Mascara <span>Bracelets</span> How often you shampoo your hair can vary by scalp and type of hair. Usually curly, course, or thick hair can get away with shampooing less often. 3 to 5 shampoos a week should be plenty.  Yes, even thin hair can […]

WAXING- Q and A with Erika Metz

Meet Erika!  She has been a licensed esthetician for 7 years.  Erika and I have worked together at several salon locations and I absolutely adore her work and fabulous pampering services.  She is known for the most relaxing facials and stress free Brazilian waxes.  This post is going to get into some serious Q and […]