Photography: Emile Anne Photography

Hair and Make up: Pretty On Premises, Michelle and Allison

Venue: The Retreat at Balcones Springs in Marble Falls, TX

Brooke has been a client of mine for a several years so it was quite the honor to be a part of her wedding day! I even remember chatting with her about Dan when they first met. I could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice that she knew he was different from the other guys she had previously dated. She went for a simple elegant look. Timeless. The venue was really neat, because it had cabins that the guests got to to stay and sleep in after the wedding and reception. It also offered activities to do during the day time!




Courtney M.

How gorgeous is Courtney? OMG. She makes my job easy! Fun wedding… I couldn’t narrow down the photos so I am uploading them all. Enjoy!

For Courtney’s hair we did a high pony with cascading curls. She preferred a more “messy” and “undone” look. I thought it was perfect with her carefree and fun personality. Her make up was applied by Alondra. Courtney wanted a soft smokey eye and a natural lip color. I thought she looked beautiful!

Venue: The Rose Chapel

Hair and Make up: Michelle and Alondra with Pretty On Premises


Nicole’s Wedding

Nicole and Jacob’s wedding had a rustic style theme. I loved the blue accents! Check it out! This was also featured on the blog, Borrowed and Blue!

Venue: Brik in Fort Worth

Hair and Make up: Michelle and Marcy with Pretty On Premises

Florist:Lauren Morgan Floral

Wedding Coordinator: Wit and Wiley Events and Decor

Cake: Sugarbee Sweets

Photographer:Lightly Photography

Jamie L.

Jamie was one Beautiful bride! We pinned her hair up of her bridal photos and when the big day came she decided to change it up and wear it down. I loved that idea, she now gets to enjoy both looks in these photos that will last a  life time.

Venue: The Brooks at Weatherford

Hair and Make up: Pretty On Premises, Michelle and Darla

Photographer: Amy Zumwalt

Wedding/Event Planner: Off Your Shoulders Planning, Kelly Box

PRP Micro-pen facial “Vampire”

This was my very first “cosmetic” facial.  I turned 31 in September and decided it was time for me to treat my skin. I normally enjoy an amazing facial by the fabulous Erika Metz, but this time around I wanted something “med”. I wanted something more…it was time. I looked into a few options and consulted with my friend and skin specialist Charisma Letz, who performed my service.

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS I HATE BLOOD, Like, for realz!!!!!! I was very nervous going into this procedure.

PRP is a natural product created from your own body. It stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma. Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells.

PRP was taken out of my body with a needle from my right arm. It was then injected back into my facial skin with a micopen.  This was not painful because I was numbed with a creme beforehand.

The results help soften sun damage, reduce the aging skin issues, grow new college, reduce scar lines, plump out cheeks and indentations, improve skin tone, and tighten.


Apt: I was nervous before walking into the treatment, in fact I got a lil light headed because of the anxiety I had built up about the treatment.  Shane, my husband, was so sweet and offered to drive me to the appointment which was about 45 min away. What a sweet man I have! I think he is a little confused on why I would put myself through extreme things in return for vanity…To everyone else I have “perfect skin” but I want to treat myself and see what this whole “experience” was about. Charisma called me back and numbed my face with a creme. She then took blood from my arm while I relaxed to let the numbing creme activate.  I couldn’t feel a thing… even my lips were becoming numb. Shane was sitting in the room with me the entire procedure, told you he was a good sport!  With my numb face I was then escorted into the treatment room. Charisma laid me back in the reclining chair and covered my clothing with a white towel. The treatment began. As the mico-pen glided over my face I had no reaction because I was numb. I could hear the sound of the pen, similar to a tattoo gun.  I could feel some of my facial bones vibrate as she ran the pen over them. It took roughly 30 minutes from start to finish. When I as done I was a bloody mess!  With the left over PRP she injected it under my eyes with a needle, similar to a “filler”. I didn’t feel that either.  I was told to wear the hardened blood on my face the next 2 hours before gently cleansing it off. She gave me some sample facial scrub and lotions to use over the next couple of days.

The first day I looked sunburned and felt very tight. It looked worse than it felt. I suggest taking this day off and staying home. Also do not expose yourself to any sun over the next week or two.  The second, third, and forth day I experience a light-medium peeling. I did not wear make up.  The clinic did give me some tinted moisturizer that I applied before work. I would say about a week later my skin returned to its normal texture and color with no more peeling. Overall I enjoyed my experience. I was very pleased that the procedure got rid of my sunspots!  I also noticed it made my skin feel and look tighter and smoother. This treatment does not need to be done again for another 2-4 years.  Hope my experience helped answer some of your questions!