Avant Garde-Snow Queen

I had a creative urge to do an avant garde photo shoot and explore my vision of a Snow Queen.   I was able to have the model Emily participate in the adventure. She was very cool and allowed me to express my creativity freely … which included covering her face and head with baby powder for effects!  I had total creative control.  I only prepared the left side of my model’s face and hair and now realize that I should have completed her head full circle for better effects and appeal.   The photo shoot was a success.  I eagerly wait for my next opportunity to be able to express my creativity and I am very excited to be thinking of my next idea…

Avant Garde: are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

Here are some pictures of the shoot. Behind the scenes and some edited images from the AMAZING Photographer, Bill Ellis, who is one of my personal favorites to work with! We just “mesh” well with our creative thoughts and ideas.  Enjoy!


You’ll be able to slowly see my work build…I added a little bit of color and detailing every few camera shots. Progressing in art and exploring the unknown.

Here I have started to add some of the blue.

Behind the scenes…taken with my Nikon and Iphone camera.