Ombre Advice

When done correctly Ombre is one of my favorite trends. Not only does it give hair depth and interest (compared to a solid hair color) it allows the client to go longer in between salon services and saves then both money and time!  The maintenance for ombre can be as far out as 10-16 weeks!

A few things to consider before choosing ombre:

~Choose a color that will help compliment your skin tone, wardrobe, and work profession.

~In the winter months go for a more subtle ombre fade and in the summer a more vibrant and lighter (blonder) color choice, since obviously being in the sunshine brightens your hair naturally.

~If you have any existing color on your hair you should know that achieving the ombre effect will require some color correcting. It is always best to see a professional.

~Although ombre is a low maintenance service going too long without adding lightened pieces just well….looks like you’ve neglected your hair and now you have roots!!  I suggest keeping a few lightened pieces around the face and feather them up to the scalp. This makes the hair color look more natural.

~Have your stylist feather the lightened ends so they gently fade and their isn’t a harsh line of demarkation.  Chandelier-ing  and baliage techniques work well for this. In other words, avoid looking like you just dipped your ends in bleach.

Good vs Bad Ombre (in my opinion)

Below are some of my beautiful clients that I have been privileged to service.

Brittany Kinley owner of the Bee’s Knees Custom Design ( Photo Credit: The Mamones                            (



Model Jessica Johnson

Wes and Lezlie’s Wedding Photo,  Photography Credit: Lyncca Harvey

Carrie and David’s Engagement, Photo credit Megan and Seth (

Angela and Adam’s Special Announcement, Photo Credit: Footprints Photography