PRP Micro-pen facial “Vampire”

This was my very first “cosmetic” facial.  I turned 31 in September and decided it was time for me to treat my skin. I normally enjoy an amazing facial by the fabulous Erika Metz, but this time around I wanted something “med”. I wanted something more…it was time. I looked into a few options and […]

Tips for Trial runs!

Ten Tips for Trial Runs: Come with your hair clean and dry. Never use a flat iron before the trial run or wedding day appointments. Doing so will not allow the curls to last and perform the same way. Arrive with no make up. Most professionals will carry a moisturizer and primer in their kits. […]

Pregnancy Hair Loss Answers

The rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from loosing hair. While you are pregnant you should expect to see a head full or luxurious hair.  However if you feel you are loosing excessive hair it may be due to mineral or vitamin deficiency.  The average healthy woman sheds 100 hair strands per day. The most […]

Dirty Hair Days

  asdf,adjflkjsdlajfdslkjflksdjf   Bed Bath &amp; Beyond <span>Kids Bath &amp; Body</span> Pink Mascara <span>Bracelets</span> How often you shampoo your hair can vary by scalp and type of hair. Usually curly, course, or thick hair can get away with shampooing less often. 3 to 5 shampoos a week should be plenty.  Yes, even thin hair can […]

WAXING- Q and A with Erika Metz

Meet Erika!  She has been a licensed esthetician for 7 years.  Erika and I have worked together at several salon locations and I absolutely adore her work and fabulous pampering services.  She is known for the most relaxing facials and stress free Brazilian waxes.  This post is going to get into some serious Q and […]