Tips for Trial runs!

Ten Tips for Trial Runs:

  1. Come with your hair clean and dry. Never use a flat iron before the trial run or wedding day appointments. Doing so will not allow the curls to last and perform the same way.
  2. Arrive with no make up. Most professionals will carry a moisturizer and primer in their kits.
  3. Have some inspirations ready to share with your artist(s). Pinterest or internet photos are a great way to share visions and ideas.
  4. Wear a button down shirt or scoop neck collar so it is easy to take off without messing up hair or make up. I like to suggest white so you can get a better visual of the overall look.
  5. Bring your accessories! Hair clips, veils, earrings, etc. Its fun to see it all put together when you’re feeling beautiful.
  6. Share photos of yourself on how you look on a daily basis. This gives the artist a gage on how bold or naturally you identify as. If you are a simple gal we should keep it natural. Most importantly you want to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day!
  7. Take photos with a flash camera at the trial run so you can get an idea of how the look is going to photograph. I like to get all angles so you get an idea of the total package!
  8. Make plans for afterwards! You’ll be all dolled up so take advantage and show it off! Schedule a date night, bachelorette, shower or even schedule your engagement or bridal photos the day you do your trial run.
  9. Buy the lip color! If it’s a match then go ahead and purchase it so you can reapply the day of the wedding.
  10. Speak up! This is the most important advice of them all. Now is the opportunity to see the look come to life! Try different options with bangs, hairlines, and lipstick!